Baisha Murals


Baisha Murals is 16 kilometers away from Lijiang City, and it is the birthplace of theTujia and is also the earliest settlement of the Naxi Bazi in Lijiang.
 Baisha Murals is used to the political, economic and cultural centre. The 55 existing Baisha Murals are o­n the preservation here, Baisha Murals are absorbed the essence  of the Han, Tibetan and Naxi, which are the art treasures in murals.
Baisha Murals were stored in the large-plot Palace, the glass palace, Dading Club and the Dajue Palace, which are key national cultural relics.
Xishuangbanna is o­ne of the few places without winter in Yunnan Province. From November to April the following year is the most suitable time to travel in Xishuangbanna, when the temperature is not high, nor cold. From June to September, to travel in Xishuangbanna will have the opportunity eating tropical fruits.


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